Mar 29, 2010

I'm Down with Down

Aren't these pillow adorable?  No, you say?!

While these might not be the cutest pillows, it's what's on the inside that counts (true for people as well as pillows).  What's on the inside in this case is down.  Down pillows make such a huge difference in the way pillows look and feel.  Down is comfortable and "fluffs" beautifully.  The extra cost of down over poly fill is worth it - promise.  

If you are looking for inexpensive down pillow inserts, TJ Maxx and HomeGoods is a great resource. Sometimes you can even find them on clearance.  These were $12.99 each for the 20 x 20" insert and $16.99 for the 15 x 25" insert, so about $43 total for quality down pillows.  And I actually kept the pink covers - I might use the fabric for something (Hello Hoarders, my name is Megan).  

 Crate & Barrel also has a good, inexpensive selection, but if you don't live near one (like me) and are impatient (like me), TJ is a great alternative.

If you're wondering, all the pillows are for my master bedroom update.  It's going to be slow going because the budget flow is more of a trickle, but finishing this pillow has made me so excited!  I love the yellow - stay tuned for the process - 


labill said...

very cute! love the new fabric!

julia said...

pretty pillow! i am about to do some major shopping for the condo. will keep you posted. crate and barrel has won me over on lots of things.