Mar 12, 2010

I'm on Emily A. Clark today!

A HUGE thank you to Emily at Emily A. Clark for including my bookcase in her Reader Participation post today!  I just started my blog so it's literally like the coolest thing ever to see your pictures and name on someone else's site that you really admire.  Emily has a beautiful blog and is a super talented designer, as you can see.  I love that navy wall! 

My bookcase is definitely falls into the slightly "undecorated" category.  It's in my crafty/girly room and it's a place where I put everything I need and that I love and what to look at.  My stepdad made it for me and my mom painted it so it's not only what's in it that's meaningful.  Lots of novels, family pictures, and my owl collection all have a place.  Good thing it's supersize - I've moved it three times and every time the movers shoot me dirty looks as they try to get a good grip on it. 

Head on over to Emily A. Clark and check it out the other bookcases - she is featuring some of the greats, like Paloma of La Dolce Vita and Rhonda of Southern Hospitality!

PS - I love them all, but check out Alaina's of Live Creating Yourself - the pillows, the dark wall - LOVE!


Emily A. Clark said...

You are so sweet; thanks for including my pics on your blog :) And, so glad you participated. I have enjoyed doing this and hope it will be a regular feature on my blog.

Haven and Home said...

Loved them all, everyones looked great!