Mar 9, 2010

Topiary Love & DIY

I love the way topiaries add a little green to neutral spaces.

(Cottage Living)

In pairs they are a great way to give a space height and symmetry.

Lee Ann thorton via VT Interiors

Sally Steponkus via Delight by Design

Canadian House and Home via Delight by Design

I thought making my own little version would be really easy and it was - it only took about a half and hour from start to finish! 

I already had the urn that I had spray painted white awhile ago, but I hadn't ever found anything that looked right in it.  I picked up the styrofoam ball, disk, and pins in the floral dept of Walmart for about $5 total.  I had the natural moss (from Hobby Lobby) and Spanish moss (from the Dollar Tree). 

Then I found the largest, greenest pieces of the natural moss I could find and wrapped them around the ball, pinning down as needed.  I probably only used 10 pins and tried to fluff the moss around them so you couldn't see them at all.

I cut a small tree branch and ran it almost through the ball and into the disk.  I ended up using two small sticks because one wasn't strong enough to hold the ball straight and it drooped like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. 

Then I just hot glued some Spanish moss to cover the styrofoam disk in the bottom of the urn. 

So easy!  I will be on the lookout for a matching urn so I can have a pair.

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labill said...

thanks great tutorial. like the step by step pics. Cute kitchen!