Mar 8, 2010


I found this image from Domino and was just blown away all over again.  I really love the styling too - how the mirror reflects the tile on the opposite wall and the pink book just waiting to be picked up by its reader (Dostoevsky no less).

Domino via VT Interiors

I was kind of curious about the pattern because it seems like I have seen it everywhere lately.  Woven cane began being used for chair seating in England during the second half of the 17th century (source).  Obviously, since then the six-way pattern of weaving has become an icon of design way beyond its original functionality.  Jonathan Adler utilizes the design a lot in his products.  Here are a few more...

Atlanta Homes and Design via Delight by Design

Lee Anne Thornton via VT Interiors

(it's Indoor/Outdoor and I think it may be perfect for new patio pillows!)

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Marija said...

Love the resurgence of cane in decorating! Great pictures! Marija