Apr 1, 2010

Come On Craig!

I have been stalking Craigslist in search of a dresser for the bedroom.  I want it to be long and low, with good lines and some interesting details.  I will probably paint and replace the hardware, so I don't feel like I am being too choosy.  Craig has been seriously disappointing me though, instead of finding this, which is PERFECT

All I find is variations on this

Come on CL, send me something good!

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Jennifer@3sonsandadaughter said...

I spend so much time with Craig... Some days a fabulous, some a total let down...
I don't know where you live but I also search towns nearby. I live in San Antonio so I check Corpus Christi and Austin. Those are two places I'd be willing to drive to pick up something I REALLY have to have! Good luck on your great dresser search!