Mar 16, 2010

Plate Love

Plates can be an inexpensive and beautiful way to fill a blank wall.  My grandmother recently gave me a box of blue and white ironstone dishes and platters, which inspired my interest in plate walls, along with the big blank wall that stared at me while I ate my cereal.  The plates don't have to be anything special though - I always see cute dishes at tj maxx or even melamine ones at Target that I don't buy because I don't "need" them (though when has that ever stopped me).  Now I have the buying justification I needed - it's art!  Here's some plate wall inspiration for you. 

Peaceful plates
Design Sponge

Amazing plates
Kelly Wearstler's plate wall at The Viceroy in Santa Monica

Glamorous plates (ps - I love this room and I can see some major DIY potential here, have you seen Alison's DIY sunburst mirror?  Genius!)

Courtney Giles via Chateau de Lu

Whimsical plates
Design Sponge

Eclectic plates
Elle Decoration (UK Edition)

Stay tuned for my plate wall and a tutorial tomorrow!

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