Mar 26, 2010

Can you spray paint a garden stool?

I know some are over the garden stools, but I was willing to jump on the trend bandwagon and give it a try when they were $19.99 at Big Lots this Christmas.  Well, it turns out I am in LOVE and I wish I would've bought a couple more.  I mean $19.99!  However, the long ride home in the back did not do my poor little table any favors and this is what it has looked like ever since

I didn't want to re-glaze a $19.99 stool or anything, so I though I would try to spray paint it.  What's the worst that can happen?  I used white lacquer spray paint and with a couple of coats, it looked like this

Yeah!  Word of warning though - even though I used lacquer spray paint, it doesn't have that shiny, glazey finish anymore.  I even had a clear gloss spray paint that I tried over it, but the finish is still fairly flat.  I just painted it where the scratched were so overall it still looks like a glazed piece of ceramic and I am very happy I tried it.  Now I really wish I had bought more, so I could have try painting them some fun colors!


labill said...

looks great! love the spray paint!

Emily A. Clark said...

So glad you did a post on this. I have two blue ones (from Big Lots) that I need to paint white and was wondering if this would work. I got the blue because there were two and yes, only $20!