Apr 13, 2010

Napkin Makeover

I love to buy cloth napkins because they're usually pretty inexpensive, there are so many fun patterns offered and they're usually already hemmed in a lovely square, pillow-like shape...you see where I am going here.   I always look in the sale section because once a pattern gets down to just two or three left, they practically give them away!  I really want to get these Harvey & Strait quadrille napkins that I saw in my new issue of Elle Decor 

and whip them up into some adorable pillows, a la this project from High Heeled Foot in the Door!  She took these Roberta Roller Rabbit napkins from this
to this!

She is my DIY hero!  

The napkins come in a package of 6, so I could make 3 pillow covers for $50.  That's a great price for pillows, but a little on the expensive side for napkins, so I am assuming they would be heavyweight, quality fabric too.

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Kirsten Sue said...

napkins make the best pillows!